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Alliance for Transformational Ministries (ATM) exists to facilitate the expansion of transformational ministries (such as Community Health Evangelism - CHE and Neighborhood Transformation - NT), which empowers individuals made in the image of God to come together, make disciples of Jesus and to transform their community

ATM also serves as a holding organization for non-profits as an incubator for new organizations doing transformational ministry. ATM is conducting this service as a Class C Fiscal Sponsor and is registered as a Group 501c3. These groups are called Associates.


ATM seeks to successfully enable Christian organizations worldwide to initiate and strengthen ministries that lead people to become followers of Jesus and transform whole communities out of cycles of poverty and disease through the strategy of CHE.


ATM exists to provide the solid operational foundation needed to spread CHE and Neighborhood Transformation (NT). CHE is perhaps the most formidable mission tool available, combining community development with evangelism and discipleship around the world. NT, on the other hand, adapts CHE to large urban areas in the westernized world.


The transformational CHE movement through ATM cannot be contained within any one organizational structure. The major divisions, Global CHE Network and Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation, both make up networks formed by many different organizations doing Community Health Evangelism and Neighborhood Transformation. People are invited to participate based on their experience and commitment to CHE and NT, their contribution to the movement, and their role in their organization. Click here to learn more about being an affiliate.

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