Associating with the Alliance for Transformational Ministries

The Alliance for Transformational Ministry (ATM) exists to encourage the expansion of transformational ministry worldwide. To further this end, ATM enters into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement of association with groups who are implementing transformational ministry. Associates do not have an employee relationship with ATM.

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ATM acts as an Umbrella 501c3 tax-exempt organization for non-profits that are registered in their state as a non-profit but do not have, or don’t desire to go after, IRS designation as a tax-exempt organization. We do this as a Fiscal Sponsor.

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By being an ATM Associate it allows you to receive and receipt tax-exempt donations under their organization’s name but under ATM’s tax-exempt status. In addition ATM provides some needed services of all organizations.

ATM provides many services for Associates. See the advantage of being an Associate and what ATM provides, as well as what are the responsibilities of the Associate.

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Learn more of the details by downloading the documents below that show how you can become an ATM Associate. If you have additional questions, please contact Paul Calhoun.

Process for Association     Associate Application


ATM Provides

  • The non-profit corporate structure through which the affiliate’s funds may be processed and tax-deductible receipts extended to donors.
  • Appropriate accounting of funds to insure that their use conforms to the intent for which they were raised.
  • Timely dispersal of funds to the affiliate’s field of ministry.
  • Monthly accounting of receipts and disbursements sent to the affiliate.
  • Educational resources of publications, as lesson plans, on a cost basis.
  • Facilitation and/or assistance in affiliate’s conferences and meetings for the purpose of developing CHE programs.
  • Consultation on transformational ministry.
  • Provide a list of suggested service providers, which the affiliates contract directly with for needed services

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