New Work in Zambia!

 Lovemore Zulu of Zamiba is launching a major effort in his country to help improve the lives for millions of people there.  Terry Dalrymple, the director of Global Community Health Evangelism Network (part of ATM) helped him out by traveling to Zambia and speaking at a ceremony to launch this new CHE ministry in Zambia nationwide under a newly formed non-government organization called the "Community Health Evangelism and Education Program" (CHEEP). The President of the Country was slated to be the keynote speaker, but sent the Minister of Health in his place at the last minute. The Minister gave a strong endorsement of our work and pledged to work together with us for the accomplishment of his national directives. CHEEP is already working with the Department of Education to develop integrated curricula for K-12 in the area of disease prevention. We are also working with the Departments of Health, Development, and Agriculture. I have given invitations to six Cabinet members and to Lovemore to join us at the United Nations for our Geneva Institute in Leadership and Public Policy. This should give them time to deepen relationships and talk strategically about their collaboration. 

Here in Zambia, Community Health Evangelists (CHEs) are visiting the same 40,098 homes every month teaching both physical and spiritual topics impacting nearly 200,000 people. After the launch today, we expect that number to grow exponentially.    Further,  Lovemore is working with ATM to set up an American affiliate to partner with him to further this work in Zambia.    We Praise God for Lovemore and his long term devotion to this work and his country.  We are proud to be working with him and Zambia.